Become a Brand Ambassador

We're beyond happy that you've decided to look further into this role as a Brand Ambassador for our brand! Below is a rundown of us and the program. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact

We offer discounts and various perks to our ambassadors to use their content for our promotions. Here's how our Ambassador Collab can benefit you and what is expected of you:

  • You will earn a 15% commission on purchases using your link/code.
  • You will get exclusive discounts and promotions. *Your discount code will increase as we monitor your activity and loyalty to TM (Truly Motivated).
  • Access to custom and unreleased TM pieces.
  • You will allow TM to run paid advertising through you when requested and be compensated for it.
  • Please follow our Instagram, TikTok and Facebook accounts.
  • Comment, like our posts and stories, and share when possible.
  • Take photos in your TM merchandise and share them. We will ask for permission to repost your content. 
  • Remember to check your spam folder for your ambassador acceptance!