About us

Hey there 😊
I'm Jean-Grace, the proud owner of TRULY MOTIVATED, a clothing brand that emerged during the challenging times of the 2021 pandemic. The core ethos of TRULY MOTIVATED is rooted in spreading love, motivation, and inspiration through our unique and stylish clothing.

In the face of adversity, our brand has blossomed, thanks to the incredible support of individuals who resonate with our message. It's heartening to witness the positive impact our clothing has had on those who choose to embrace the TRULY MOTIVATED ethos.

At TRULY MOTIVATED, we believe in the power of giving back. That's why we have integrated the concept of generosity into the fabric of our brand. A percentage of all profits goes towards supporting Share The Meal, an initiative dedicated to eradicating global hunger. Additionally, we take pride in sponsoring children in need worldwide, contributing to the betterment of their lives and futures.

As we continue this journey, we are grateful for the community that has embraced TRULY MOTIVATED. Together, we strive to not only create exceptional clothing but also make a positive impact on the world, one garment at a time. Thank you for being a part of our story!